Thursday, May 14, 2009

Charlie White III's back : Sculptures

Charlie White III's Back
Share Charlie's fantastical journey. Own a piece of it.
Here are some of the available sculptures.
"Treasure Island Ship Fragment" 

"Treasure Island Ship Fragment/ Cat"

"Treasure Island Ship Fragment/Cat & Mickey"

"Atlanten Flight Tracking Device"

"Atlantean Diving Bell"

"Atlantean Diver maquette"

"Atlantean Bull Tablet"

"full size Atlantean Diver"

"Atlantean Shrine"

"Atlantean Miner"

"Atlantean Airship"

and much much more.


Here is a selection of the SIGNED Prints that are available.
six different "astrology prints"

"Silver Cruise" 

"Star Wars"


"NY Parties"

"Brush Knees"

"Dean's Ice cream"

"Cardiac Bio"

"1984 Olympics" 

...and much much more.


Here's a glimpse of some of the original paintings available:
"Steel Door at 128 26th Street" 


"Robot Peas Head"


"Mule Bar on Beale Street 1940"


"Harley Davidson Eagle"0
"Gentle Giant Octopus"

"Gazing at the Sistine Chapel Floor"

"Exotic Printing Machine"

"It's A Clean Enviroment Plate"

"Bathroom at 128 26th Street"

"Abused Old Wooden Door" 

"1982 Mostly Trash" 
...and much much more!